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Give your friends and family the gift of SmugMug! They deserve way better than socks.

Existing SmugMuggers can click on the Give SmugMug Now link in their Account Settings under the Gifts tab.

Questions from gifters.

What is it?
A way for you to give 1-, 2-, or 3-year SmugMug subscriptions to anyone you wish, prepaid on your dime.

What does it cost?
You get 20% off the cost of whatever gift you give, based on SmugMug's normal subscription rates. For example, if you buy someone 2 years of a Pro subscription (a $720 value), you’ll get $144 off. Note: If you have any existing referral credits in your account, those credits will automatically be applied to your Gift of SmugMug purchase.

Do I need my own SmugMug account first?
Nope. You can buy a gift account for anyone who doesn't already have a SmugMug account, no strings attached. (But existing Smuggers get another 20% off the retail price as renewal credit toward their own SmugMug subscription or for additional Gifts of SmugMug!)

What if the person I want to gift already has a SmugMug account?
Gift of SmugMug only works for new accounts. Unfortunately, it can't be used toward existing accounts.

Can I sign up for a multiyear subscription with the same discount?
We'd love to one day offer deals for enthused Smuggers. Hopefully soon!

Can I pay for it with referral credits?
Absolutely. Your referral credits will automatically be applied when filling out the gift subscription form.

How are my giftees notified?
When you pay for the gift, click the notify checkbox and we'll send them a friendly welcome message. They'll get a brief description of all the cool things they can do with their new photo-sharing superpowers. If you'd like, you can write your own personal greeting to be included in the email, too.

Gift of Smug

If you prefer to break the news, we won't say a word. You'll get an email sent to you after checkout that you can share later.

Can I set up their account?
The gift account is created only when the recipient clicks the link in their welcome email. We'll ask them to pick a username and log in so they can get started.

What about my privacy?
Your friend will see who gave them the gift, but we won't show (or share) any of your personal info like billing details or your address.

What happens when the gift subscription ends?
Time flies when you're having fun. Your giftee can easily enter their own credit card to continue being Smug, or cancel the account with a click.

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