SmugMug's Android TV app

SmugMug has an Android TV app, and it can be found in the Google Play Store on your Android TV or by searching apps on an Amazon Firestick device. Search for “SmugMug,” then click Install to download the SmugMug app.

Log in.

When you first open the SmugMug app on your Android TV, you’ll be prompted to log in to your account, or you can choose to browse for other photographers. Use your Android TV remote to enter your login information, then select the Log In button once you’re done entering that info.

Logging in allows you to skip entering your viewing passwords and to view your photos and galleries.

To log out of your account, navigate to your user icon in the top-left corner and select it. Swipe or press down on your remote to highlight the Account option and select it. Then swipe or press down to choose Log Out. You’ll be signed out of your SmugMug account instantly.

If you prefer to skip logging in, use your remote to instead select Find Photographers and then follow the instructions below to Browse for other photographers and view their photos.

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If you log in to your account, your photos and galleries will appear under the Photos menu item. Select it any time to browse through your own photos and share them on the big screen with friends and family.

Looking for a specific photo you took? Select Search from the menu bar, then use your remote to navigate up to the search bar and bring up the TV keyboard. Type in your search term and let the app return any relevant results, making it easier for you to find the exact picture you're looking for.

You also have the option to browse other SmugMug accounts and "bookmark" them on your Following screen. You don’t need to be logged in to follow and search for SmugMug customers. Navigate down to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, then select Sharing, and choose Following.

Press up on your remote to highlight the Add Photographer button (or the plus icon in the top-right corner of the screen), then click to select it. Enter the full name or nickname of the Smugger whose photos you'd like to view. If there’s a match, we'll display their bio photo and nickname on your Following screen. Select it, and we'll add them automatically to your Following screen.

Made a mistake? Select the profile(s) you want to delete on your Following page with a long press, and then select green delete bar at the bottom of the screen to remove the selection(s).

Add as many accounts as you like simply by repeating the steps above! Click the bio photo with your friend’s name to view all folders and galleries accessible by everyone (public) on their site. Select any folder or gallery to explore it.

Within a gallery, swipe up or down to navigate photos in the gallery. Select any thumbnail to view it as large as your television allows, or as large as the photographer has permitted in their gallery settings.

Note: If a gallery is set with a viewing password, or has been privately shared with you, you won’t be able to browse it with the SmugMug TV app. Logging in will display these galleries only if you’re browsing your own photos.

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Play a slideshow.

To play a slideshow, use your Android TV remote to navigate to the gallery you want to view, then select the play-arrow icon in the top-right corner of the screen. A slideshow of all photos in the gallery will begin playing full screen on your television, starting with the first image in the gallery.

To stop playing a slideshow, press the back button on your remote.

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Watch videos.

Your movies can be viewed full screen on your television! Swipe through your galleries to find the movie you want to watch, select it, then press the selection button again on your Android TV remote. The video will begin to play full screen.

To close the full-screen view, tap the back button on your remote.

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About the menu bar.

The menu bar gives you access to your own photos, the photos of friends or family you follow, and search.

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Access your settings any time by selecting your user icon from the top-left corner of the app screen.

Your settings allow you to do the following:

  • See which version of the SmugMug app you’re running.
  • Clear the app cache.
  • Open or share your SmugMug website.
  • Log out of your account.

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