SmugMug's Refer-a-Friend Program

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Got friends? Earn yourself a 20% credit on one year when you share the SmugMug love with a friend and they sign up for a subscription. (Your credit is calculated based on the plan your friend chooses.) Bonus: Your friends get a 20% discount off their first year on whatever subscription they choose!

It's simple:

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Grab your unique loyalty link from Account Settings > Me > Referrals.

Step 3: Share!

Want a free SmugMug account?

The 20% credit is automatically credited toward your subscription renewal. If you renew annually, we'll deduct your credits off the top. Monthly subscribers will see the credit applied the same way. Trial and Gift of SmugMug users: you can also obtain renewal credit, but it won’t apply until you convert your trial or Gift of SmugMug into a paid subscription.

If you earn more credits than your next annual subscription, it will roll over indefinitely. You could earn a free account for life!

Tip: Use your referral credits to give the Gift of SmugMug and score some major points with the lucky recipient.

Please: SmugMug hates spam, just like you. We know you're excited about us, but please try not to share your referral code in a pushy way. Your friends will thank you.

Not the right fit for you? Check out our SmugMug Affiliate Program.


Can I refer people if I’m still a trial user?
You can, but you won’t receive your credits until you’ve paid for your account. During the 14 days of your free trial, people who enter your loyalty link or code will receive 20% off their subscription; you'll be credited 20% at the end of their trial period if they decide to continue with SmugMug, and after you sign up for a paid subscription. This 20% credit can only be used toward renewal, however, not your sign-up fee.

I received my SmugMug account as a gift. Can I still participate in the program? 
Yes! But your credits won’t apply until you’ve paid for your subscription upon renewal.

What if the friends that I refer are not in the U.S.?
You both get 20% credit! The Refer-a-Friend program applies to everyone.

I'm a SmugMug customer and clicked a friend's referral link, but I don't see a discount and my friend doesn't see a credit. Why?
The Refer-a-Friend program applies to new sign-ups only.

I clicked on a referral link but nothing happened. Why?
If you’re still in trial, you won’t see the discount until you subscribe. If you’re a SmugMug customer testing your link, you won’t see anything if you’re logged in. Paste your link in another browser or log out to see what your friends will experience when using your referral.

Someone said they used my loyalty referral, but they are listed as TRIAL in my report (in my Account Settings).
You don't actually earn the credit until they continue past their 14-day free trial. If they sign up for an annual subscription, you'll be credited immediately. If they sign up for a monthly subscription, you'll receive the credit six months after their card is charged.

I referred someone last week/month/year. Can I get the new discount?
The program terms apply only to new sign-ups, so past referrals don't qualify, unfortunately. But you'll receive the 20% credit for any referrals going forward.

My friend forgot to use my referral link/code. Can we still get the credits?
We have no way to prove who’s friends with whom, so be sure to remind your friends to use your referral link or code before they check out.

Can the referral discount be combined with other coupons?
No power combos here, unfortunately. The referral discount can be applied only on its own.

If I close my account and have leftover referral credits, can I receive the cash equivalent?
Credits apply to subscriptions only.

What happens to credits I earned in the past?
You keep them! Any new referral credits you earn will be added to any past credits you earned and will be reflected in your Account SettingsMe > Referrals.

The fine print.

SmugMug reserves the right to change any aspect of its Refer-a-Friend program, including payment schedules and amounts, at any time. Get the full 411 on the Refer-a-Friend program terms and conditions.

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