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Proof delay gives you a chance to make sure your clients' orders are perfect before they're delivered. It's useful for quickly reviewing a recently placed order or for focusing your best editing efforts on only the photos your clients choose to order.

Set up proof delay.

You'll find your proof-delay option in the gallery settings for any gallery. In the Shopping tab, look for the Proof Delay field and enter a number between one and seven for the number of business days you'd like order delivery to be delayed (you can also choose whether or not to apply the proof delay to digital downloads). All orders placed for images in that gallery will wait that number of business days before processing begins.

When your customer places an order, we'll let them know you've requested a few additional days to perfect the order before it's ready to be printed or downloaded.

FYI: Logged-in owner orders aren't considered pro sales, so they won't be held by proof delay. They'll go straight to the print lab.

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Adjust and replace images.

As soon as an order is placed, we'll fire off an email to you with "PROOF" in the subject line. You'll get a link to all the details of the order, including which images have been ordered.

After that, it's up to you. Select Selling Tools in the global navigation bar, then select Sales History  Manage and click on any order to make changes. You can adjust the crop your customer chose or disable the crop altogether. Or you can edit the image on your preferred software and then replace the ordered image with your perfectly edited new image. 

Images that have been ordered for download will have only the Replace Photo option available.

Alternatively, you can replace a single photo using the photo tools on a gallery page.

Important: Simply adding the replacement photo to the same gallery won't update your customer's order. Only Replace Photo will allow us to update the order properly.

To replace a whole batch of images at once, click the Replace Multiple Photos button near the top right of the order summary page. You may need to click Allow so the uploader will load properly. 

You'll want to ensure the replacement images have identical filenames as the images that were ordered. Then, just drag and drop or click Browse Computer and fill the uploader with as many images as you'd like to replace.

We'll automatically match them up with images on the order by filename. When everything's finished uploading, you can choose to replace additional images in the same upload screen or click the Back to Order Review button.

FYI: Replacing an image replaces it for all items ordered with that image.

When you're initially uploading photos to a gallery that you intend to replace before printing, remember that our minimum print-resolution requirements still apply. Keep the resolution (number of pixels) high enough to sell the prints you want, but shrink the file size by uploading images compressed to JPG quality 7 and replacing them with JPG quality 10 images as they're ordered. This workflow will allow for both speedy uploads and high-quality prints.

Crop and color correction.
You can view and modify the customer's crop for each image, and you'll definitely want to double-check the crop after replacing an image as the crop will be reset after an image is replaced.

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Release order for print/download.

Finished with time to spare? When you view the order page in your Sales History, click on the Release Order button to immediately send an order to print.


  • As soon as you click the Release Order button, the order goes immediately to print. If it contains downloads, we'll also send an email to your customer letting them know their images are ready for downloading. Replacing images after that point won't change the order.
  • Each order will automatically process and release after the specified number of days has passed, whether or not you've replaced any images in that order.
  • On orders that involve more than one pro who has proof delay in effect, each pro can release their portion when they're ready. The entire order will be sent after the last pro is finished.

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