Hide account owner information for a gallery

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To share galleries and photos without your branding or custom URL, enable Hide Owner in your gallery settings, under the Security & Sharing tab.

There are a few things this setting will affect.

  1. Hide Owner will remove the nickname from your SmugMug URL and make it completely SmugMug. This means the URL to the gallery will be generic, without your SmugMug nickname or your custom domain (if you're currently using that feature).
  2. Your customization will be removed from the gallery and it revert to the default gallery style.
  3. The SmugMug header will be present at the top of the gallery instead of any customized header.
  4. Breadcrumbs will be removed so that a visitor can't navigate back to your homepage.
  5. Coupons will not work (Pro plan only).
  6. Your keywords will be hidden and not searchable.

If you go into the gallery settings and change Hide Owner to No, it will change all these things back to how they were before enabling Hide Owner.

Here's the same gallery with Hide Owner turned off.

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