Download photos from my SmugMug site

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If you're logged in as the account owner, you can always download your own photos.

To download an image, click the download button located in the sidebar of the Lightbox.

Your download will begin immediately.

Want to download several images or an entire gallery at once? Check out this article for the how-to.

What about my visitors?

If you'd like to allow your visitors to download your images, make sure your gallery settings have Allow Downloads ON

Now your visitors can browse to the photo or video they want and click the download icon to save a copy of the original-resolution photo or high-resolution video for themselves.

If you'd like to add an extra layer of protection to your download access, you can enable password protection. When you turn on downloading for a gallery, simply toggle ON the Require Download Password option and enter a password of your choosing. Now your customers will be prompted for the password before being able to download your photos.

Want them to be able to download several images or an entire gallery at once? You can do that, too

Note: Video files can be downloaded using Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android) when the download button is enabled.

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