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A good scout does all the hard work in advance: finding a location, planning a route, figuring out the tips and tricks that will make your journey a breeze. ShutterScout is our free contribution to the marketing journey for each and every SmugMug Pro photographer, helping you get found, sell more, and grow your business.

Signing up is easy.

Go here and select the "Sign Me Up" button. 

Fill out the information and upload some images to create your profile. Items you may fill out include the following:

  • One header photo and up to four examples of your best work
  • Your business name and location: city, state (if applicable), country, and postal code.
  • A short description of your business
  • The genres of photography you specialize in
  • A link to your SmugMug website
  • Links to your social media handles

Your listing is built directly from the details you provide on signup, so definitely make sure those are accurate before you hit submit! If you need to correct or update any of these details, just fill out another submission form—we’ll replace your old ShutterScout listing automatically.

How to Search.

To search for other photographers on ShutterScout use this link. From here you may type in a search criteria, name, city, zip code and more. You may also search by genre, country and set the filter to sort by A-Z, or Z-A. 

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