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Do you upload to Frame.io from your camera? With a Frame.io account, you can automatically upload contents within a Frame.io Project to your SmugMug account!

Note: At this time, this feature is only available on supported camera models and to customers on the Pro plan.

To get started, log in to your SmugMug account. Visit the Privacy section of your Account Settings, then scroll down to Frame.io Integration and click Authorize SmugMug.

Next, your browser will open to a Frame.io log-in page. Once you log in, your SmugMug and Frame.io accounts will be connected.

Choose Allow when prompted to allow SmugMug access. Once you allow access, you'll be redirected to the Manage Frame.io Projects page. On this page you'll select a Frame.io Project to connect with SmugMug and click Save.

Afterward, you can visit your SmugMug Organizer to find a new folder with the name of your Frame.io Project.

Ready to upload? Next time you're taking photos with the camera that's synced to your Frame.io account, make sure you're uploading to the same project you chose to connect with on SmugMug. Then, as you snap, your photos will automatically upload directly to your SmugMug account!

Note: The new folder we create for the project in your Organizer will default to Private visibility. You can change this anytime, and it won't impact your integration.

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