Data rights and subprocessors at SmugMug

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Data rights.

We at SmugMug take great precautions to protect your information.

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten).
At SmugMug, we need to collect some personal information in order to complete certain actions, such as creating an account or placing an order. This helps ensure both parties (you and us) have a seamless experience in the continued use of SmugMug.

If you'd like SmugMug to delete such data, including photos and videos you have uploaded, please contact a Support Hero to verify your identity and get the process started. Warning: This is permanent and irreversible. Once we delete your information, photos, and videos, no one will be able to access them—including us.

If you instead prefer to close your account, we have a simple guide for that here.

Right to data portability.
During the course of interaction with SmugMug’s platform, you may have submitted personal data (such as your name and email address), uploaded photos or videos, etc. If you'd like to retrieve that data, please contact a Support Hero so we can verify your identity and get the process started.

Right to access (subject access).
In order to help you understand whether or not your personal data is being processed by SmugMug, you can contact us for confirmation. If that is the case, you have the right to access, and obtain a personal copy of, that information. This applies only to your personal data and not to information relating to others.

If you'd like to access your data, please contact a Support Hero so we can verify your identity and get the process started.

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Data subprocessors.

These are companies we do business with that might receive "Photographer Personal Data" as defined in the Data Processing Amendment of our Terms of Service as:
"(i) the images and videos that Photographer uploads to or creates in the Services or Products, or
(ii) any labels, tags, comments, descriptions or categorizations that Photographer adds to those images and videos in the Services or Products."

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