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Our built-in image editor allows you to edit title, caption, keywords, watermark, apply color effects, crop, rotate, and geotag your photos in one, convenient place.

To edit an image with SmugMug's built-in editing tools, select it and click the wrench icon in Lightbox view to open the image tools menu. Then select Open in Editor.

You can also edit several images at once. Just go to your Organizer and select the images you want to edit (or click Select All to edit all photos), then click the wrench icon at the top. Selecting any of the image tools will launch that specific tool.

Note: Once you make an edit that applies to your selected images, you won’t be able to select or deselect any additional photos until you save or cancel your existing changes.

You can also only apply one effect at a time, and each edit will be processed in the background until complete. If you try to make additional edits to a photo that’s being processed, you may see an error message. Simply wait a bit until you see your first edit show up in your gallery, then you can choose to edit that photo again.

But go wild with titles, captions, keywords, and location data. Background processing won’t slow those tools down.

Title, Caption, and Keywords
The Title and Caption submenu allows you to easily add titles to your individual photos and add captions in bulk. See what images have different keywords, add keywords to multiple images, remove numeric keywords, and more in the Keywords submenu.

Keep your photos safe and credited with the Watermark feature. This option is only available for our Portfolio and Pro users, so you won’t see this in your image editor options if you have an existing Basic or Power account.

Color Effects
Apply color-correction, sepia tones, black-and-white filters, and more to your photos after upload.

Not as fond of your crop after upload? Adjust it on your site!

Turn that portrait photo into landscape orientation, reflect it, or turn it upside down if you like. Rotate in 90º increments in either direction.

Location Data
Document your travels and tell everyone where you’ve been by adding geo coordinates to specific photos.

Once you’ve finished editing your photos, click Save to apply your edits.

Want to start over? Click Close or Cancel to leave the editing menu without applying any of your changes.

Once you've finished editing your photo, don't forget to Save your changes! Your edited photo will eventually update within your SmugMug gallery.

Note: Changes you make to titles, captions, keywords and geo coordinates are only displayed with your photo on your SmugMug site. They are not added to the photo's metadata.

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