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You can manage all your contacts right from your Account Settings.

If you’ve ever shared your photos with our email-share feature or invited people to view photos with private sharing, you’ll find all those email addresses in your contacts.

To add, view, manage, or delete contacts, go to your Account Settings and click on the Contacts tab.

Click +Add Contact to add someone new to your contact list. Fill in their information and click Add.

To manage a contact’s existing access to privately shared photos, click on the key icon associated with their info.

This will bring up a window showing you which photos, if any, you've privately shared with your contact. You can revoke this access by clicking the X next to the items you no longer wish them to have access to.

To edit a contact’s information, click the pencil icon. Change what needs changing, then click Save to commit your edits.

To delete a contact, click the trashcan icon. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion before their information is removed.

Note: Clicking Delete will immediately remove your contact’s information from our system, so be extra sure before you click. Their information won't be restored if you click Cancel in the green header toolbar afterward.

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