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Not sure how much business your business is doing? Download all the details you need to track your sales and profit by going to the Selling Tools tab then Sales History > Manage.

There are two different CSV files you can download: "Detailed" and "Summary." If you specify a certain date range or Paid/Unpaid status on your Sales History, the Filtered CSVs will reflect that.

Need some help interpreting the spreadsheets? Check out the detailed guides below!

Detailed CSV.

This sheet details every order item you've sold. It contains line-by-line breakdowns of all your orders, but it doesn't give information that's common to every item. See the summary sheet for that info.

Many items will result in several rows to present different views of the same event. Coupons for example can present both a coupon usage and an adjustment as seen here:

In this sample section a customer bought several prints, but used an at-cost coupon. We see the sales in rows 13-16. The coupon usage in row 17, and the effect that coupon had on the order profit on row 18. Had they used a different type of coupon, such as a print credit that was good for more than the profit, you may also then have seen a charge:

Here you can see the customer ordered 3 copies of a large canvas with a marked-up price of $150. That would have landed a $108.50 profit, but they also used a large 60% off coupon. Row 59 shows that coupon saved them $270, row 60 shows that it ate away all $108.50 of the profit, row 61 shows that the remainder of the cost of the prints, 142.35, was charged to me, and finally row 62 shows that I also paid $1 to have the package branded with my studio logo. Additionally, my state sales tax was collected on the order at 6.875% of the post coupon value as row 63 shows.

Summary CSV.

This sheet summarizes your orders. There's a line for each one, but it does not get into details about what was IN the order. See the details sheet for that info.


  1. In the case of non-marked up sales, this information is not provided. The exception is if you are collecting sales tax, the state will be presented so you can tell if that sales tax should be reported to your tax authority, or if we included it in our report to the various states we report to.
  2. In the case of non-marked up sales, this information is slightly anonymized.
  3. The Summary sheet includes sales tax collected for your state (if enabled) and also any sales tax collected for California sales, though these are handled by SmugMug and not remitted to you.


When you download these CSV files, the filenames are of the following pattern:

Example 1 is what user cabbey would get if he set the filters at the top of the page to Paid and Last Year, then downloaded the filtered summary CSV.

Example 2 is what user schmootography would get if she downloaded the all time Detailed CSV.

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