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Are you looking to add a gorgeous slideshow to your homepage, or to another page on your site? That's possible with the Slideshow content block!

Note: On the Basic plan, the Slideshow content block can only be added to the homepage.

While viewing a page on your Site, select Customize Design > Content tab Photos section. Drag and drop a Slideshow content block onto your page.

Once you've placed the slideshow content block onto a page, you'll need to select a source for the images that play in the slideshow. You'll have many other controls to work with so you can personalize the slideshow to be just right for your audience.

Slideshow settings.


  • Photo Source: Select from gallery, keywords, popular photos, recent photos, and photos I choose. If you select "photos I choose," your photos will be displayed in the order you choose/select them.
  • Height: Choose from auto or fixed.
  • Auto Height Ratio: A variety of options are available for the auto height ratio.
  • Fixed Height Ratio: Specify the exact height you'd like for this slideshow.
  • Content Aware Height: When choosing an auto height ratio, enabling this option will fit the slideshow in the window, even if there is other content above it on the page.
  • Title: Name your slideshow, or leave blank if you prefer.


  • Auto Start: Choose wether to have your slideshow start automatically. If you choose to have this off, don't forget to have the play button enabled in the Controls tab.
  • Speed: Select a speed for the slideshow.
  • Transition: A variety of transition options are available, including fade, zoom in, zoom out, slide in, slide out, and more.
  • Transition Speed: This determines the speed of the transition.
  • Randomize Images: Want to change it up on each new visit to your site? Choose to randomize the images in the slideshow.
  • Splash Image: The selected splash image will display for just a brief moment for the guest if they are on a slower connection.
  • Captions: Choose if you'd like captions to be displayed.


  • Navigation Arrows: Select to show navigation arrows.
  • Play Button: Select to show a play button. Remember to enable this option if your slideshow isn't going to start automatically.
  • Fullscreen Button: This option lets the viewer display the slideshow fullscreen. It's a great way to show off your photos!

Note: Photos from password protected galleries will show to logged out visitors in a homepage slideshow if you've selected that specific gallery. We won't show images in a slideshow that uses Recent Uploads to logged out guests if the photos are in a password protected gallery, but they will show for a logged in owner.

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