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Before you create any coupons for your fans, you’ll first need to make sure you have a paid (not in trial) Pro account and you’ve set up your custom pricing. You’ll also need to verify you have a valid credit card on file. Read why below.

Important: Coupons will not apply to print or digital packages. The prompt for the coupon will not show. When a cart contains both prints and packages, the coupon prompt will show and only apply to the items in the cart that are not a part of the package.

If the coupon being applied has shipping covered, (as in Free Shipping, Amount Off or Percent Off), you will receive the following error: "That coupon doesn't apply to the package in your cart."

If the coupon does not cover shipping, the print items (not from the package) will be discounted or not discounted based on the existing coupon restrictions for the catalog, gallery and minimum purchase requirement. 

To give an amount or percentage off, grant free shipping, or allow some people to order your prints at cost, you’ll need to create a coupon. In your navigation bar, click Selling Tools > CouponsManage.


Create coupons. 

Click the Create Coupon button to start giving your customers some perks!

Note: Coupons won't work if you have Hide Owner enabled on a gallery, and they won't apply to any photo add-ons your customers may add to their orders.


After you click Create Coupon, select your coupon type (more on those below) to get creating. You’ll see a pop-up window with two tabs that contain everything you need to make the perfect coupon for your visitors.

Next you’ll name your coupon, create your coupon code, set valid usage dates, choose your currency type, and set any limitations you might want, such as excluding shipping, having the coupon apply to only certain product types, or even restricting usage to a particular gallery instead of allowing it to be used across your entire site.


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To restrict your coupon to specific galleries or product types, select the Restrictions tab and then Choose Galleries or Choose Products respectively. Or both if you want, for example, to sell only discounted 8x12 prints from a travel gallery.

Select the galleries you want visitors to be able to use coupons in.

And select any products you want coupons to apply to. (Coupons will apply to all products in your pricelist by default.)


Other restrictions you can apply include the following:

  • Minimum Purchase: Set a minimum total price for the entire purchase before your coupon can be applied to a customer’s order. This can help you ensure the order amount is large enough to cover your coupon’s discount.
  • Maximum Discount: The most you want a customer to receive off an order’s total. Especially helpful to ensure a large discount doesn’t eat too much into your gross profits.
  • Maximum Uses: How many times a coupon can be used on separate orders.
  • Maximum Items: How many items the coupon can be applied to in a single order. The most expensive items will automatically be selected for the coupon application to give the buyer the largest discount.

Apply your restrictions, create your coupon, then share your code with the lucky recipients!

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Edit a coupon.

To edit a coupon, simply select it from your list and click it to open the above preferences again. While you can’t delete a coupon you’ve created, you can change the valid dates on it to expire the coupon and prevent any further usage. The only thing you may not change after creating a coupon is its type. Expiration occurs at 11:59 p.m. PST on the coupon expiration date.

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Coupon types.

We give you the power to create several types of coupons. And you can restrict their usage to specific galleries and even product types.

Fine-tune each coupon if you’d like by choosing currency type, start and end dates, minimum purchase requirements, maximum number of uses, and whether your generous discount will cover shipping costs or not.

Note: All start and end dates are set to follow Pacific time, not your local time.

Amount Off: This discounts your customer's order a certain dollar amount off the pre-shipping total, unless you opt to have the coupon cover shipping costs. Domestic and International shipping at the lowest cost level is covered if the option is checked.

Percentage Off: This discounts a percentage off the pre-shipping total, unless you opt to have shipping costs covered. Domestic and International shipping at the lowest cost level is covered if the option is checked.

Free Shipping: This grants free standard shipping to your customer, or free airmail shipping if the order is international. If the customer opts for faster shipping at checkout, then an amount equal to standard shipping will be taken off the shipping total. (Standard shipping is usually 6–10 business days; however, some orders don’t qualify for this shipping type and will instead default to the 3–5 business days option. In this case, an amount equal to standard shipping will be taken off the shipping total.)

At Cost: This allows the lucky person who wields the code to order images on your site at cost. No profit is earned on orders when this type of coupon is used. 

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Coupons and your profit.

Let’s say a customer orders $10.00 worth of prints (base price), which you’ve priced at $110.00 for a markup of $100. Shipping is 3–5 business days, at $4.95. Without a coupon, the customer would pay $114.95, and you'd keep $85.00 profit. That’s 85% of the $100 markup.

If that customer had a $10 off coupon, they’d pay $104.95. The markup would then be $90, and your profit would be 85% percent of that: $76.50.

If that customer had a 10% off coupon, they’d pay $99 for the prints and $4.95 for the shipping for a total of $103.95. The markup would then be $89 and your profit would be $75.65.

If the customer had a free-shipping coupon, they'd see $4.95 removed from their total since they opted for one of our two ground-shipping options. If, however, they decided to bump shipping to 2nd business day (which starts at $9.95), we'd give them $4.95 off so their shipping fees would come to $5.00. Remember that shipping charges are calculated based on the size and cost of the total order.

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Use coupons.

When asked for payment info, your customers will see a Coupon Code field if you have at least one active coupon set up in your Account Settings. The code is not case sensitive. If their cart contains items from multiple SmugMug sites offering coupons, they'll be able to select the photographer and enter one code for each site. The discount will be applied immediately and will be visible to them as they complete their order.

Coupons can't be combined, and it's one coupon per user, per order. Also, coupon codes cannot be reused.

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Why we need your credit card for coupons.

We require a valid credit card because you have the power to create coupons that drop your customer's order total below cost. In that situation, your credit card would be charged for the remainder of the base price of the prints.


  • A 50% off coupon used on products where the markup is less than 50%.
  • A $20 off coupon used on an order where your profit would have come to only $10.

In the above examples, there's no pro profit, so only the overage in the base cost of prints would be charged to your credit card.

For shipping coupons, you cover the cost in place of your customer. Shipping fees are first deducted from your profits, and any overages will be charged to your credit card.

Charges for those overages are made on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

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