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Found yourself using the same gallery settings over and over again across your site? You may want to create a gallery preset to save you some time.

Save your favorite gallery settings and you can apply them with a single click to any new or existing gallery on your SmugMug site. 

Want to save even more time? Set any of your gallery presets as your default and future galleries created will use your custom settings automatically! You can change your default preset any time if you find a better combination to suit your needs in the future. More on how to do that below.

How to create gallery presets.

You can create a new preset completely from scratch by creating a new gallery and dialing in all the settings exactly as you want them. Once you have everything set the way you like, type a name in the Gallery Preset field that will appear at the bottom of the gallery settings screen and click Create to create the new gallery and to save your special mix of settings as a new preset.

Alternatively, you can create a preset from an existing gallery's settings by going to the Site link in the navigation bar, navigating to that gallery, and clicking on the "Settings" button in the section bar.

Make any changes you need to the settings, then choose a name to save your preset under, and click "Save" to save that preset.

Note: Another way to save a preset from an existing gallery is to go to your Organizer in the navigation bar. Once in the organizer, select a gallery in the sidebar and click the "Settings" button, then follow the same steps above.


Save a preset as a default.

Do you want all your future galleries to use the magical mix of settings you just created? You can make that preset your default!

Before you exit out of the gallery settings, click the checkmark next to the message that pops up at the bottom of the settings screen: Use as my default for new galleries.

You can also make a preset your default from your account settings. See below for information on how to do that.

To apply an existing preset to a gallery, use the Gallery Preset drop-down menu in the Basics tab and select the one you want to apply. Click Save.

To manage or delete any of your presets, go to your Account Settings > Me > Gallery Presets. From here you can review each presets' settings, change which preset is your default, or delete any presets you no longer use by clicking the trashcan icon.

FYI: Gallery presets do not include the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Meta keywords
  • Feature image
  • Custom URL
  • Access settings, including visitor password or invited people 
  • Guest uploading
  • Download password
  • Gallery cover image
  • Smart rules

These settings will need to be tweaked for each gallery. Applying a preset to an existing gallery will not re-make thumbnails or re-watermark photos already in the gallery.

Gallery presets cannot be applied in bulk settings.

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