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We've partnered with fantastic labs to deliver the highest-quality prints possible.

All paper prints and wall art purchased on consumer plans will print through Bay Photo or Loxley, depending on the buyer's location. Buyers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be directed to Loxley. All others will receive products from Bay Photo. Consumer plans are Power, and the prior Basic plan that is no longer available.

SmugMug's commerce plans allow you to choose to have your prints handled through either Bay Photo, Loxley, or WHCC. The Portfolio plan allows you to choose only one lab as the default for your entire website, and all orders will print using that lab. Pro plan customers can pick a default lab and can also specify certain galleries (or even images) to be printed through a different lab.

Keepsakes (such as mugs and mouse pads) will be printed through Pic the Gift (formerly EZ Prints) in all instances except when the lab for photo prints is Loxley. In that case the keepsakes will also be printed through Loxley.

What's the difference?

All the labs we choose have excellent color reproduction and solid reputations. We've partnered with Bay Photo, WHCC, Pic the Gift, and Loxley to bring new products and color correction to our pros and their clients.

The labs differ in their catalogs, pricing, color correction, shipping, and packaging.

Whichever lab you choose, you and your visitors are fully covered by SmugMug's print guarantee.

Bay Photo.

Bay Photo, a professional lab located in Santa Cruz, California, has been catering to top pros since 1976. 

  • A true pro lab, Bay Photo offers pricing that includes hand color-correction of each print. Their experts will fuss over each order, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print.
  • Most prints are carefully flat-packed—damage during shipment is almost unheard of. Any lustre, glossy, or pearl prints with a side 60" and over will ship in a tube. Metal prints over 30" x 45" are shipped in crates.
  • Bay Photo carries more sizes and papers, including panoramic sizes.
  • Photo add-ons are exclusively offered to SmugMuggers who use Bay Photo. Get your prints beautifully finished with mats, frames, mountings, and more, saving you a trip to the framers.
  • For photographers who prefer to do their own color adjustments, we also offer the option to disable color correction. You'll note a slight difference in the base pricing when you choose to disable this feature. 

Loxley Colour.

Loxley Colour has been serving the UK and Europe for more than 50 years, proving that their dedication to professional photographers is the real deal. Loxley is available exclusively to Portfolio and Pro account holders.

  • Your clients will find all the traditional glossy, lustre, and metallic prints in the sizes they already know and love.
  • Loxley Colour offers a selection of unique print products, such as glacier blocks and acrylic gallery, that showcase your images like never before.
  • Save time and enable color correction, or turn it off if you do it yourself. Like Bay Photo, you'll notice a slight difference in the base pricing if you do this. 
  • Please note that items shipped from Loxley can incur additional VAT and carrier charges that are beyond our control and at the discretion of the shipping carrier.


White House Custom Colour (WHCC) in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, has been serving portrait and wedding photographers since 1977. At SmugMug, WHCC is available exclusively to Portfolio and Pro account holders.

  • WHCC offers a wide range of print sizes and paper, including square and panoramic prints.
  • Check out their standout wall-art prints for a unique, lightweight, and modern frame-free way of displaying your favorite prints. 
  • Like Bay Photo, you can opt to turn off color correction if you correct your own photos. You'll notice a slight difference in the base pricing if you do so. 

Pic the Gift.

Located in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • All keepsakes go through Pic the Gift when the lab for photo prints is Bay Photo or WHCC.

Get a print sample.

Unsure? Tell us which lab(s) you're interested in by using this form, and we'll ship you a free set of print samples. Don't forget to include your shipping address! We'll need it to send you the samples.

You'll receive a small assortment of prints in a variety of finishes, as well as an 8x10 calibration print.

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