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Gallery styles determine how your photos display on the page. Give your visitors the browsing experience you want them to have by selecting a gallery style.

SmugMug offers six gallery-style options:


Some of these styles support using a cover image.

As the site owner, setting the gallery style is completely up to you. Choose one style for all your galleries, or customize the style on a per-gallery basis to always show your photos at their best.

Some gallery styles have settings unique only to those styles. For example, only Thumbnail, Collage Landscape, and Collage Portrait styles offer the ability to add a custom cover image to the gallery.

These same gallery styles also use a new buying flow, a shopping bag icon, in the upper right of an image. This feature helps to simplify the selection of photos for purchase. Turning off the shopping cart in the gallery settings will turn off the shopping bag for both the visitor and logged in account owner.

shopping bag icon logged in.jpg

If you would like to make the shopping bag only visible on hover this can be changed from the gallery by clicking on Customize Design > All Galleries content block > wrench tool.  Choose the gallery style you are using, Collage Landscape, Collage Portrait or Thumbnail. Select the Shop Icon On Photos option and use the drop down option to change to On Hover. This will allow the shopping bag to only be visible when hovering over an image.

If you have packages or gallery downloads enabled for the gallery those will show at the top of the gallery for your customers to purchase.  

Note: Packages will not be available for mobile

Note: To customize your gallery style, you'll need to have a Power-level or higher account.

Change your gallery style.

To change the style for a single gallery, navigate to your Site, browse to the gallery you want to change, select Gallery Style from the section bar drop-down menu, and choose your desired style.

Alternatively, you can change the gallery style for multiple galleries at once in the Organizer using bulk gallery settings. Select the galleries you want to change and click on the Settings button to open bulk gallery settings. Select the Appearance tab, check the box for Gallery Style, and choose the gallery style you want to use. Click Save.

Tip: If you select a folder in the Organizer, bulk settings will apply to all galleries within that folder, no matter how deeply nested they are.

With a folder selected, click Settings > All Galleries within Folder to open your Bulk Gallery Settings, then select the Appearance tab and tick the checkmark next to Gallery Style. Select your preferred style from the drop-down list. 

Click Save, and you‘re set.

To change your default gallery style for all new galleries you create going forward, you'll need to create a gallery preset. Follow the tips on this page to create your gallery preset and apply it to one, several, or all your galleries at once.

To edit the options for a gallery style, select Site, navigate to a gallery to view it and click Customize Design > All Galleries. Next, hover over the Galleries content block, click on the wrench tool, and choose the gallery style you want to edit from the list. 

Adjust the settings and click Done. This will save the new settings for your selected gallery styles.

Collage Landscape style.

This is the default gallery style; it displays your photos collage style, emphasizing landscape-oriented photos.

Adjust spacing between photos, photo display size, information and button styles, and more in the gallery-style settings. 

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 6.57.48 PM.png

This gallery style supports using a cover image. Check out how to use this feature below.

Collage Portrait style.

Display your photos collage style, emphasizing portrait-oriented photos.

Adjust spacing between photos, photo size, and how to display photo information in the gallery-style settings.

This gallery style supports using a cover image. Check out how to use this feature below.

SmugMug style.

This gallery style has thumbnails on the left and the display image on the right. If you allow printing, the Buy Button appears at the top right. Your share options and other photo tools will be under the display image.

You can adjust the size of your thumbnails and the spacing between them in the gallery style’s settings.

Thumbnails style.

Show only thumbnails in the gallery. Clicking a thumbnail shows the large version of the photo in Lightbox mode.

Adjust thumbnail photo size, spacing, aspect ratio, and more in the gallery-style settings.

This gallery style supports using a cover image. Check out how to use this feature below.

Journal style.

Create a visual story by displaying your photos large with in-depth photo captions to describe people, places, and events to your visitors easily.

Adjust the aspect ratio for your photos and the buy-button color in the gallery-style settings.

Use a cover image.

Spice up your gallery by showing off one of your photos nice and big! A few gallery styles allow you to use a cover image: a big, splashy image at the top of your gallery to really entice your visitors to explore.

Your cover image must be uploaded to the gallery you're updating, and it can’t be hidden.

To use a cover image, select Organize, choose a gallery, then click Settings > Appearance > Gallery Style. Choose either Thumbnails, Collage Landscape, or Collage Portrait style and toggle the Gallery Cover Image option to ON.

Select the photo you want to use from your gallery (make sure it isn’t hidden), then Save. You’ll have a beautiful cover image featured at the top of your gallery. 

Or you can go from Site in the navigation bar, view a gallery, and select Settings in the section bar. Next, click on Appearance > Gallery Style and choose Thumbnails, Collage Landscape, or Collage Portrait. Toggle the Gallery Cover Image option to ON. Select the photo you want to use from your gallery, then Save

Want to reposition your cover image to show off the best part of your image? Click the directional-arrows icon in the top-right corner of your cover image and drag the photo around until it's perfect. Hit Save and admire your perfectly positioned cover photo.

Your existing breadcrumb will be bumped to above the cover image if you’re an existing customer turning this feature on for the first time. To change this you can go to your Site, view a gallery, and select Customize Design. Select All Galleries (upper right), hover over the Breadcrumb content block, and select the trash can icon to delete the content block. We recommend replacing it with a gallery breadcrumb instead. Turn on the gallery breadcrumb by customizing your gallery style.

Change how photos display in my galleries.

There are two places to control the layout and arrangement of images in your galleries: Customizer and gallery settings.

While logged in, select Site from the navigation bar, then select Customize Design and the Layout tab. Here you can choose between a stretchy or a fixed-width layout for any of the pages on your site.

The stretchy option will detect the size of the viewing platform being used—be it a super-large screen or small mobile phone—and will automatically fill it with your page elements, reducing the amount of empty space on the page.

Gallery-style choices can also be accessed through your gallery settings on the Appearance tab. 

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