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Your profile is a great way to introduce yourself to your visitors: wow your fans with a full-width cover photo, your profile photo, and a description with a little bit about yourself. This information is pulled from the account profile. The description section will show three lines of text with the remainder available by scrolling. If you'd like to show more text without scrolling we would recommend a separate text block

Some of our designs include this content block already on the homepage. It's also possible to add your profile to any page on your SmugMug site by dragging the Profile content block onto that page.

You'll find the Profile content block in your Customizer. Select Site, then click the Customize Design button. Next, make sure you’re in the Content tab and Social section.

In other words, right here:

Once you've placed the Profile content block onto a page, you'll have many other controls to work with so you can personalize your profile to be just right for your audience.

Profile settings.

You can adjust the size, position, and basic layout of the content block from its tool menu. To access the tool menu, hover over the content block until a blue outline appears, then click the wrench icon.

This will open the Profile settings menu.

  • Profile Photo displays the profile photo you’ve selected in your account profile.
  • Cover Photo displays the cover photo you’ve selected in your account profile.
  • Social Icons provides options to show any social-media sites you’ve set up in your account profile.
  • Email adds an email icon to connect to your contact page.
  • Open Links in New Tab takes your users to a new tab in their browser if they click on one of your social-media icons.
  • Icon Color controls the color of your social-media icons.
  • Icon Type controls the shape of your social-media icons.

We won't show images in your profile to logged-out users if they are in password-protected or private galleries (though they do show to logged-in account owners). 

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