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In this article we'll cover uploading, your organizer, folder structure, guest uploading and more!

Accessing SmugMug.

You have two ways to access SmugMug.

  1. Through your UltraCamp account.
  2. Logging into your SmugMug account at www.smugmug.com.


Note: Use UltraCamp to create a new season or session before uploading photos to ensure a smooth process for eager parents!

Creating folders and galleries through UltraCamp.

In your UltraCamp account, you'll configure seasons and sessions, which will automatically generate the necessary folders and galleries on SmugMug. While in your UltraCamp account, select Settings > Camper Services > Photo Gallery > New Folder.

Once the galleries have been created, navigate to SmugMug to upload by clicking on the Add Images button in UltraCamp.


In your SmugMug Organizer, go to the gallery where you want to add photos. Once selected, click Upload in the upper left corner.

You can upload photos using our Lightroom plugin if your photographer uses Lightroom, or via our mobile apps for on-the-go uploads.

Full details for all uploading options can be found in this article

Folder structure.

Folders are created automatically from UltraCamp:

UltraCamp Folder > Season Folder > Camp Folder > Daily Galleries

Moving folders or galleries out of the main UltraCamp folders will disrupt integration and parent access.

Important: Manually creating folders or galleries within the UltraCamp folder are not recommended as they won't be included of your integration.

Folders and galleries created outside the UltraCamp folder are not part of the integration but can be managed independently.

Full details are available here for organizing your non UltraCamp content on SmugMug

Accepted file types.

JPEG is your best option. Your SmugMug account includes unlimited storage of JPEG, GIF, PNG and videos under 3 GB and 20 minutes. We recommend uploading JPEGs for your photos to ensure availability for print orders as only JPEGs can be purchased or used for printing. 

Full details are available in this article

Resolution requirements for printing.

Review the chart available here, which outlines the minimum resolution needed for different print sizes. Always upload your highest resolution files, as you have unlimited storage to keep them safely stored.

In the gallery settings, you can limit the resolution size displayed on the site protecting your larger files. Find more details in this article.

Guest uploading.

Enable guest uploading to allow camp instructors or multiple photographers to upload photos securely while limiting access to your overall SmugMug account. 

Any gallery can have this feature enabled. Once photos are uploaded, you can easily move them between galleries within the Organizer if necessary.

Visit Organize > select Gallery > Settings > Security/Sharing tab > add text to the Guest Uploading field > copy the URL provided.

More details about this feature can be found in this article

Parent photo access.

Parent access is managed entirely through UltraCamp. With their UltraCamp login, they'll click on Settings > Photo Gallery > select Season > select Individual or All > click on the Folder to navigate to SmugMug. No password is needed by the parent since it's all integrated into their access within their UltraCamp account. 

Once on SmugMug, parents have the option to buy prints and/or downloads, based on the settings you've applied to the gallery and set up in your pricelist.

Sharing the gallery URL with someone else won't allow others access. If a parent wants to share the gallery with another person, they need to return to their UltraCamp account and create new access for that friend or family member, who will need their own UltraCamp account.

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