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Your SmugMug site is composed of pages, which you can organize up to seven layers deep:

Here's what that would look like:

You can see each layer nested inside the one above in the tree view on the left in the Organizer. This same hierarchy is reflected in the breadcrumb, shown at the top of the page on your site. 

  • We've named the layers folders.
  • The end-point pages are named galleries, which hold images, or custom pages, which are blank slates to which any page element(s) may be added.
  • You can create folders, galleries, and pages in the Organizer
  • Each folder level has a limit of 5,000 folders/galleries or pages within it.

  • You can drag and drop in the Organizer, using the left-side navigation tree, to arrange folders, galleries, and pages within your site. You can also arrange photos within galleries by highlighting them and dragging them within the center window. 

Note: Due to the hierarchy, galleries can't be placed above folders. Nor can folders be in the midst of galleries. Folders nest within other folders and galleries can nest within them, but you can't have a folder next to a gallery in the order hierarchy.

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