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The Organizer is command central for your SmugMug site. This is the place to do all your creating, arranging, sorting, deleting, captioning, keywording—the list goes on! 

You can get to the Organizer from the navigation bar on every page when logged in to your SmugMug site. One click on Organize and you'll arrive on a page displaying all the folders, galleries, and pages on your SmugMug site. Yep, that's right, everything all together in one place. 

You'll see that there are some tool icons at the top left and right, a drawer on the left-hand side that lists everything for you, and thumbnails of each of the items in that list in the center. 

In the lower right there's an image slider where you can adjust the size of the thumbnails to your personal preference. Adjusting this slider only impacts your view in the Organizer. It doesn't change any sizing on your site.

Tip: You can expand or contract the width of the drawer containing the list of your content if you have very long titles. Just grab the little ||| symbol at the right edge of the drawer and drag. 

Add folders, galleries, or pages by clicking the Create button. Choose where your new folder, page, or gallery will be displayed by clicking on an existing page type. If you want to add a gallery to a specific folder, select the folder Create > Create New Gallery, fill in the gallery details. Done. The new gallery will now be inside the folder you selected.


Control the settings at each folder, gallery, or page level by selecting the page type title (or thumbnail) that you wish to work on. 

The Settings box opens as an overlay for you.


We've got more details about folder, gallery, and page settings in this article.

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Bulk tools.

To select a series of images, click on each image you want to affect. To select all images, click the Select All button. Or you can click the first image, then hold the shift key down and select the last image to select everything in between your first and last image.


Delete a folder, galleries, and subfolders within a folder, or individual images within a gallery. Select what you wish to delete, then click the trash can icon.

We'll show you a warning before permanently deleting the highlighted items. 

When you're working on images within a gallery, the other tool icons become active, and you'll be able to take the following actions:

Open your image full screen.

Open your image tools menu.

Download the selected image(s) or gallery.

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Sort photos.

Want to automatically sort your organization levels by different characteristics? You can do that, too.

At the folder level, you can sort by date created, date modified, name, or sort manually.

At the gallery level, you can sort by caption, date modified, date taken, date uploaded, filename, or manually.

The way you number your files before you add them to SmugMug is important to make sure things sort correctly. Computers sort by looking at the first character/digit, then the second, then the third, etc. They don't see a three-digit number as a whole.

Example: IMG_100.jpg would appear before IMG_23.jpg. The computer sees that 1 comes before 2 and then stops (rather than seeing that 23 comes before 100).

So when you name files on your computer, you might consider doing it like this: 00001.jpg 00002.jpg ... 00010.jpg ... 000123.jpg. By renaming files in the example above, IMG_023.jpg would come before IMG_100.jpg because the system will recognize that 0 comes before 1.

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Arrange/move photos.

We've also made it easy to arrange your page types and images with drag and drop:

  • Move photos within galleries
  • Move photos to other galleries
  • Move galleries and folders within folders
  • Move galleries and folders to other folders
  • Move custom pages in and out of folders
  • Move a subfolder to a root folder by dropping it onto the root. The root is Site Homepage on the left at the top of the tree in the sidebar, with a home icon.

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Add photos from your library to galleries.

Want to display some of the photos from your library in your galleries for the public to enjoy? Head over to your Organizer by clicking Organize in the navigation bar to get started.

Next, you'll want to navigate to the gallery you want to add photos to. (If the gallery doesn't exist yet, you can always create a new one.) Once you've got your gallery selected, click the Add from Library button.

Use all the library features covered in this article to search, sort, and filter through your photos to find the ones you want to add to your gallery, then click on your chosen photos to select them. Once you've made all your selections, click Done in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You'll be asked to confirm your selections, then you can sit back and relax as we do the work in the background: adding your beautiful photos to your gallery.

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