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Trying to find that one vacation photo from an annual trip but can't remember which gallery you put it in? Or even which year you took it? But you remember who was in it and where it was. Maybe you wish you could search your entire site, or look at every photo you've uploaded all in one place so you could simply browse and find it.

Welcome to your Library page! Access it any time by clicking Library in the navigation bar.


Here you can find every photo and gallery on your SmugMug site. You can search using keywords, titles, and captions you might have tagged your photos with before you uploaded them, as well as added to your photos after upload, then sort and filter the results to find whatever photo you're looking for.

Use the search field to find specific photos or videos based on a keyword, title, or caption, such as "mountain."

Sort and filter.
We'll automatically sort any search results with galleries listed first, then by your most recently taken photos, but you can change this by using the Sort button to reverse the sort order. We'll remember your Sort filter settings as long as you don't clear or reset your browser cookies.

Use the Date button to select a specific date range. When you're ready to try a different date, select the X next to the date listed at the top of the date panel. 

Narrow your search to only photos or only videos using the two options in the upper-left corner.

You can also browse all your content by using the filter options on the left: all media, recently added, by date, or trash (where you can also restore recently deleted files—read more about how to do that below).

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Adjust display size.

Want to adjust the display size of the images on your Library page? Use the image slider in the lower right-hand corner to shrink or enlarge the viewing size. When you make a selection using the image slider, we'll remember that choice for your next visit to the Library page.

Note: The image slider only appears on displays that are at least 767px wide, and changes made using the slider only apply to the Library page. They won't affect your gallery view or the maximum display size in your gallery settings.

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Edit keywords, download, and delete.

Select images directly from your Library page to edit keywords, download, or delete them. Follow the steps above to find your image(s), then click the top-left corner of the image(s) you want to select. A green checkmark icon will light up to confirm your selections.

To select several images at once, click on the first image you want, hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then click on the last image you want. Everything between your first and last image will be selected!

Choose Download, Delete, or Edit Keywords from the icons in the upper right depending on what you want to do with your selected photos.

If you choose Edit Keywords, you'll see a pop-up window that shows keywords currently applied to all photos, or some of the photos, currently selected. You can add new—or remove existing—keywords, and save your changes when ready.

If you choose Download, we'll get to work creating a .zip file of your selected images. 

If you don't feel like hanging around and waiting, you can select Close. We'll email you once your .zip file is ready.

Once the .zip file is ready, the pop-up dialog window will update with the link for your file, which you can then click on to download to your desktop (or right-click and select Save As to choose a different destination on your computer).

If you choose Delete, you'll see a pop-up asking you to confirm you really want to delete your selected image(s) before we proceed. 

Confirm or cancel, then continue managing your images easily from the Library page.

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Recover deleted files.

Recover files you've recently deleted within the past 30 days in the Library section. Navigate to Library in the global nav bar, then click on Trash in the left sidebar. If your sidebar is collapsed, click on the arrow to expand the sidebar and find the Trash option.

To select a file for recovery, click the checkmark in the upper left of the preview image. To select multiple files, click the checkmark for the first file, hold the shift key, then click the checkmark for the last file. This will select all the files in between.

Note: If you subscribe to SmugMug Source and have uploaded and deleted sidecar files—such as .xmp files—you may see blank thumbnails representing them as they don't have preview images.

After selecting the files you want to recover, click the green Recover Items button in the upper right.

If you've changed your mind and don't want to recover your deleted files, click the X in the upper left.

If you chose to recover your files, you'll see a progress bar, followed by a confirmation that your photos have been recovered. You're all set!

Recovering files from a gallery that was deleted will recover the gallery in addition to the selected files themselves. Recovered files are placed back into the original gallery before they were deleted. A recovered file that was previously collected into multiple galleries will be recovered to the original source gallery, but not into the collected galleries.

Galleries deleted more than 30 days ago may be recoverable by our Heroes. Contact us with the details, and we'll do our best to recover the galleries for you.

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Empty trash.

If you want to delete the files in the trash permanently, select Empty Trash. Make sure this is what you want to do because the photos aren't recoverable with this action.

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Add photos from your library to galleries.

Want to display some of the photos from your library in your galleries for the public to enjoy? Head over to your Organizer by clicking Organize in the navigation bar to get started.

Next, you'll want to navigate to the gallery you want to add photos to. (If the gallery doesn't exist yet, you can always create a new one.) Once you've got your gallery selected, click the Add from Library button.

Use all the library features covered above to search, sort, and filter through your photos to find the ones you want to add to your gallery, then click on your chosen photos to select them. Once you've made all your selections, click Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

You'll be asked to confirm your selections, then you can sit back and relax as we do the work in the background, adding your beautiful photos to your gallery.

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