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SmugMug now offers support for your RAW files with a SmugMug Source add-on subscription. Archive and save your RAW files directly to your SmugMug account, including your PSD files! To sign up for this feature visit Account Settings > Me > Subscription > SmugMug Source.

Subscribe to Source.

If you're already signed up with an existing SmugMug account, you'll see a blue banner with SmugMug Source information when you go to upload photos

Or you can visit Account Settings > Me > Subscription > SmugMug Source Learn More to see more detailed information.

If you select the Add SmugMug Source button from the above screen in your account, you'll find more frequently asked questions and have the ability to use your current credit-card information to add on Source, or select a different payment option for Source's monthly renewal. 

Important: SmugMug Source is an add-on subscription to your current SmugMug account subscription. The two are billed separately.

Once you've entered your payment information, you'll see the above confirmation page. From here you can manage your subscription, start uploading, download an app for uploading, check your Source storage levels, or select the Back to Photos button to go back to your photos.

Note: Assistants, a feature available with the Pro plan, can upload RAW files when a Source subscription is active on the account.

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To upload RAW files, you must first have a current SmugMug Source subscription. From your Account Settings, select the SmugMug Source option and fill in the payment information with a credit card of your choice. Billing for SmugMug Source will be on a monthly basis separate from your main SmugMug subscription. The fees for Source are set up in tiers:

  • Up to 500 GB is $3.00 per month
  • 500 GB–1 TB is $5.00 per month
  • 1 TB–2 TB is $10.00 per month
  • Every additional TB above 2 TB will be an additional $5.00 per month

Your credit card will be charged after your first month on Source. Billing will adjust month to month based on the amount of RAW files currently stored on your account.

For example, if you have 1 TB of RAW files uploaded after your first month, you'll pay $5.00; if, after your second month, you remove half those files and your account has less than 500 GB of RAW files, your next month's charge would be $3.00. 

Source will access the number of files on your account from month to month and bill you accordingly. When your Source subscription is approaching a new tier, we'll advise you via email of the upcoming change to your monthly cost.

Tax and VAT charges on your Source subscription will apply where taxation currently applies to a SmugMug plan subscription.

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Cancel Source.

If your Source subscription misses a renewal, your account will become past due. Your files will still be accessible, but you won't be able to upload any new RAW files. 

We'll let you know your account billing information needs to be updated to maintain your Source subscription and keep your RAW files securely stored for a period of time. When your payment information is updated, you'll be charged for the missed monthly subscription payments in order to bring your account current. Once current, you'll regain full access to your Source account.

To cancel your SmugMug Source subscription, visit Account SettingsMe > Subscription > SmugMug Source. Then click Proceed under Cancel This Service.

As with your main SmugMug plan subscription, if you need your RAW files, you'll want to download and save them prior to cancelling Source. If you've uploaded JPEG and .xmp files with your RAW files, they'll all be downloaded when you download a gallery. 

If you wish to download a single image and its assets, you'll want to do so from within the Organizer or from the Library tab as the logged-in account owner. Select the file you want and then the download icon. If you only uploaded RAW files, those will be downloaded along with the SmugMug-generated JPEG preview.

If you've uploaded RAWs with JPEGs when you cancel SmugMug Source, the JPEGs will remain in your galleries since they're already included as part of your main SmugMug plan subscription (if it's still active). If you only uploaded RAW files, the SmugMug-generated JPEG preview images won't remain in the galleries; those files will be removed with the RAW files upon cancellation.

Note: Canceling SmugMug Source doesn't cancel your main SmugMug subscription. Canceling your SmugMug subscription is a separate action. If you cancel your SmugMug subscription, your SmugMug Source subscription will be canceled as well.

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