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Your Account Settings allow you to control whether or not your photos can be publicly viewed and purchased, bought as prints, found in searches, and much more. You can access your site's Account Settings from the navigation bar menu on any page of your site.

Where can I find them?

Look for the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of your navigation bar. Details for customizing this icon are available in this article. 

Click the profile icon to open the drop-down menu and select Account Settings.

You can manage all your sitewide settings from here. Some settings shown below won't be visible for Basic and Power plans.

  • Me: Manage your account name, email address, account password, subscription for plans and SmugMug Source, payment methods, receipts (for your own orders as well as renewals), gallery presets, and more.
  • Privacy: Manage viewing and assistant (Pro plan feature) passwords, private-sharing access, image analysis, feeds, and other services' access to your SmugMug site. More details on image analysis are available below.
  • Discovery: Make sure you can be found and, once found, whether or not folks can share your photos.
  • Stats: Get the goods on which photos are generating a buzz.
  • Business: Manage your branding, tax information, and payment history from here.
  • Contacts: Manage your contacts and private-sharing access for individuals.

Folder, gallery, or page settings can be accessed from within the Organizer. Click Organize in the navigation bar and then the Settings button to open the contextually appropriate settings. 

If you're on a page, for example, you'll be able to access page settings. If you're on a gallery, then you'll access gallery settings. And if you're on a folder, then—you guessed it—you'll get folder settings. If you select multiple folders or galleries and click the Settings button, you'll open bulk gallery settings

Image analysis.

This option allows your photos (videos aren't included) to be automatically analyzed to make them easier to find and organize. This feature is currently only available to customers with an active SmugMug Source add-on subscription and those who have installed and logged in to the SmugMug Android app.

To view or change the settings, click on your profile icon then select Account SettingsPrivacy.

Once in the Privacy tab, options are available in the Image Analysis section.

  • Identify objects and scenes within a photo, such as a dog, tree, mountain, etc.
  • Determine geographic information (only applies to photos with GPS information).

This feature is on by default. If you decide to turn it off, you can always come back to turn it on at a later time. Analyzing your photos can be a quick process, but please allow up to 24 hours after upload. 

Note: The tags from image analysis are not added as keywords to your photos.

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