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On the Pro plan you can create an assistant password that's separate from your main account password. This feature allows you to offer an assistant access to specific areas but continues to protect other areas of your site and account. 

How to set up an assistant password.

Visit your account settings. On the left, select the Privacy option. Enter a password in the Assistant Password field > Save (upper right). 

Note: Once you enter an assistant password, you can change it but can't remove it.

Assistant permissions.

Assistants can log in using the account email address (or account username) and the assistant password and do everything the account owner can do, with a few exceptions:

  • Assistants can't access, or download, galleries, folders, or pages that are Private (Only Me).
  • Assistants can't delete photos or galleries or replace photos.
  • Assistants can see only the Stats and Contacts tabs in your Account Settings. Everything else is hidden.
  • Assistants can't customize your site.
  • Assistants can't use the credit card on the account to buy prints or Give the Gift of SmugMug.
  • Assistants can see your pro pricing in the shopping cart. They can't order prints "at cost."
  • Assistants can't use the Hide feature to hide a photo or video in a gallery.
  • Assistants can't see photos and videos that you've hidden using the Hide feature.
  • Assistants can't use Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to log in to an account.

You get one assistant password per account, and you can give it out to as many people as you like. It's the perfect solution for your busy photography business!

Note: Assistants can upload RAW files if there's an active Source subscription on the account.

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