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Looking to change your subscription plan? Look no further! We've gathered all the details for you below.


If your plan level doesn't quite suit your style, visit the plans page and find something better. You can change your plan any time in your Account Settings > Me > Subscription tab. There's a Change Plan button there that will take you to a page where you can adjust your plan.

For upgrade charges, you'll pay only the prorated difference between your current level and the new one for your current subscription periodand you'll keep your original renewal date.


You can also downgrade your plan type in your Account Settings > Me > Subscription tab. Click the Change Plan button to be taken to the page that will allow you to adjust your plan.

Note that this process will result in losing some of the features currently available to you, based on which plan you currently have and which you're moving to. Visit this page to see a list of what comes with each plan, just so you're ready.

Note: We'll automatically apply the unused portion of your subscription fee to your account as renewal credit.

Leaving the Pro or Portfolio level?

If you've accrued any pro profits, we'll pay them out to you during the next payment cycle as long as you have an accurate W-9 form filed with us. 

Important: Make sure to update your tax and payment information prior to downgrading your account level.

Pro and Portfolio customers: Any watermarks you've applied to your photos will automatically be removed if you're downgrading to the Power or Basic account level. Watermarks cannot be added again after you downgrade.

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