Trouble viewing my cart

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Is your browser...

  • Logging you out constantly?
  • Not remembering your favorite gallery style?
  • Not keeping items in your shopping cart?

You need cookies!

Cookies are small and safe files that sites like SmugMug and Amazon use to remember your preferences. They must be enabled for the best features to work.

Check if you're blocking cookies.

Here's how to check if you're blocking cookies in the most popular browsers:

Running cookie-blasting software?

Sometimes anti-spyware programs think sites like SmugMug use cookies to monitor your surfing habits. We don't. We don't spam, don't display ads, don't have pop-ups, and don't track you.

You can safely tell your privacy software to allow SmugMug cookies. We never, ever spy on you.

Fixed cookies, but still having trouble?

If SmugMug still isn't working right for you, try one of the other browsers we support. It could be that some files your browser stored on your computer became corrupt.

First, try restarting your browser. We know this sounds like the typical IT answer of "turn it off and turn it back on again," but it's amazing how many problems this actually fixes. If that doesn't work, try deleting your cookies and restarting your browser again.

Check your custom domain setup.

If you're a Portfolio or Pro Smugger and use your own custom URL, double-check that you've set up your domain correctly. Cookies won't work otherwise.

Still stumped?

Our Support Heroes are always standing by to lend you an expert helping hand.

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