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Our preloaded site designs all come with defined content blocks, themes, and layouts. If you choose to use a preloaded site design, you can change its theme for your entire site or at the homepage, folder, or gallery level. 


You'll find Themes in the Customizer, and you can quickly access the theme picker from the section bar drop-down menu if you want to add a theme to a specific folder, gallery, or page without impacting your entire site. 

Or, while viewing your site homepage, for a quick theme change for your entire site, select the Change Site Theme button from the section bar drop-down menu.

You can apply themes to specific pages, folders, or galleries without affecting any themes you have applied to all pages, all folders, or all galleries. Click on Site in the navigation bar, then navigate to the page, folder or gallery. Next, select "Customize Design" in the section bar, then click on +Make This Page/Folder/Gallery Custom in the Customizer when it opens. You'll see the words change to Just This Gallery/Folder/Page to confirm you're changing the theme only for that section of your site and nowhere else.

In the theme tab within the customizer, you can do any of the following.

  • You can replace the template's theme with one of the other themes we provide OR
  • You can edit the template's theme by clicking the wrench (to change individual elements like fonts) OR
  • You can create your own theme to pick your own color and font combinations

As you edit a theme, the changes will display on the page for you as a preview. If you like what you see, you can give your new theme a unique name to save it. 

Click Done to save your changes and apply your theme.

And, of course, if you've chosen to start with a blank slate by picking the Classic default template, you'll be able to deck out your design to the nines. 

What's in a Theme?

Themes include the ability to fine-tune fonts, textures, patterns, abstracts, colors, and images.

If you don't see something you like, you can use the "Create Theme" button at the bottom to create your own unique theme that can be applied to your site. 


The basics include colors and fonts.

  • When you choose a primary color, we'll automagically create 30 different shades of that color for you, creating a complete color scheme for context and meaning.
  • You can override any of the complementary colors for your Text and Accents if you wish to.  
  • You may choose Heading and Body fonts from our extensive font library. We prioritize the most popular fonts at the top of your SmugMug font selector, but you can scroll down to see all fonts available for you to choose from. Our default font is Roboto.


Tweak your background colors to make your photos really shine!

  • Choose your background page color with the color-picker tool.
  • Control the color of the sections of your pages or site.
  • Use your own image as your page/site background. Upload the image and then choose it from the picker tool. 


Tip: Background color values offer an alpha channel, which controls the opacity of the object. A color value is specified using a color picker or Hex code value (e.g., #000000 for black). The alpha parameter is a number between 0.0 (fully transparent) and 1.0 (fully opaque). We offer a slider that shows the percentage selected instead of directly entering a value. 

If you want, you can completely code your own theme from scratch.

  •  On the Advanced tab, click Edit to open a CSS edit box.
  •  Save your fingers! Code completion is built in. When you type an open bracket/tag, we'll automatically close it for you.

Once you have everything ship shape, name your theme, click Done and it'll be saved for you to use again on other pages.

Preview Fonts.

Visit Google Fonts to preview any of the fonts we have available in our Themes and designs for you to use on your SmugMug site. 

Note: Not all Google Fonts are available on SmugMug. 

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