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This feature is for Pro-level accounts only. 

Do you offer photography packages that include a certain number of photos and videos the client can choose after their session? We have a way to make delivering those selections easily: client downloads.

Sharing a gallery.

After you've edited your photos and videos, create a gallery for your client and upload your final images from the session into it. To keep your clients' photos private and protected, you can lock this gallery down with a password or even create a special client area for them.

Once everything is uploaded, navigate to your client's gallery on your Site and click the overflow menu (three vertical dots) in the section bar to select Create Client Download.

In the overlay menu, you can choose how many images you'd like to allow your client to download. We'll restrict their selections to only the amount you choose, so be sure to set the correct amount agreed upon from your session. If you don't set a limit, your client will be able to download all the images in the gallery.

Once you've decided on a limit or not, click Generate Unique Link. We'll generate a unique link that you can copy and paste to send to your client. We recommend sending a personal email including this special link to let your client know their gallery is ready to view and they can make their selections. (If you set a password for the gallery, don't forget to include that in the email, too.)

You can generate multiple, unique links for a single gallery if you like. 

Note: Only Original sizes can be downloaded from client galleries.

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Selecting and downloading images.

Your photographer will send you a unique link to access your gallery. Make sure first to click on the special link. Without it, you won't see the option to make selections.

Once in your gallery, simply click on any image you love to mark it as one of your selections. A little green checkmark will appear on each image you select. Once you reach the limit of selections set by your photographer, you'll no longer be able to select additional images. 

When you've finished making your selections, click Download Items in the upper-right cornerMake sure you're happy with your selections as they will be final—you won't be able to go back and make any changes after you download your images. 

Once you're ready to download, we create a .zip file of your selected images for you. Click Download Zip to download the file to your computer. You can use the .zip link as many times as you want from any device to re-download your images at any time.

Important: The magic gallery link will only work for originally selected downloads. If you share the link and someone else makes selections to download, you won't be able to use the link again for additional selections. You'll only be able to download the initial selections.

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