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You've got gorgeous photos in your galleries. Turn them into beautiful albums!

All albums are printed through WHCC and come with special packaging. All you have to do is sign, seal, and stamp.

Note: Color correction isn't available for albums. Make sure your photos aren't too dark before using them to create your albums. Not sure what "too dark" is? We have an article to help with that!

Tip: You can make albums using photos from any one gallery. To use images from multiple galleries, try collecting photos.

Create photo albums as a visitor.

1. Find your first photo.

Browse your gallery until you spot a photo you want. Click on the photo to enter Lightbox mode, click the Buy Button, then choose Albums.

Important: Your original image must be at least 438x625 pixels to print perfectly.

2. Choose your album size.

Scroll through to browse the sizes available. 

When you find the size you like, select it, then follow the on-screen prompts to select the photos you want to appear in your chosen album. When ready select, Let's Go.

3. Customize it!

Select your cover type. On the right are a variety of options you can choose, from material type to text debossing to photo inclusion to cover padding. Play around with all the options and watch the preview update with your selection. In the upper right, the cost estimate will also update based on any design choices you make.

Click the arrow near the top of the preview screen to progress to the next spread and continue customizing your album. Or you can click the next spread itself at the very top of your screen. You can change the endleaf color and style as well as select the type of insert boards you'd like to help ensure your photo album endures for years to come.

For your album pages, drag and drop photos from your photo pool on the bottom. You can choose from a variety of layout options in the right-hand sidebar and watch your photos automagically reconfigure to fit whichever layout you select. Fine-tune your layout by expanding the Settings option to adjust page margins, and adjust your photo aspect ratios to maintain their original ratios or be all square if you choose. 

You can tweak these settings per spread, so be creative and have fun! Your layout options will change depending on how many photos you drag onto a page.


Once you've assigned the photos a spot, you can click them again to zoom and move them around. When you're finished zooming and moving, click the green checkmark to close the edit bubble. You can always undo your changes and start over.

Use the options below each spread to delete pages from your album, clear all photos from a spread, shuffle the photos around on a spread, flip the pages in a spread, duplicate a spread, or change the background color of a spread.

Once you've finished building your album, the last step is to select the paper type you want your beautiful images to be printed on. Your price will update to reflect your selection. 

Important: Albums are limited to 5–25 thick spreads or 5–40 thin spreads, and the choice is yours as to whether you want thick or thin spreads. You'll have the option to choose after you've arranged the album. Other limits include only 300 photos in the entire album and up to 13 photos per page (26 photos per spread).

4. Make it yours.

When your album's perfect, look to the bottom right of your browser window and click the green Checkout button. 

You'll be taken through SmugMug's checkout flow. If you decide you'd like to make any changes to your album before completing your purchase, click the Edit Albums button in the cart to be taken back to the album editor. Make your changes, click Begin Checkout, and complete your purchase when you're ready.

Pros: Sell custom photo albums.

If you have our one of our seller accounts, your clients can use photos in your gallery to create their own custom albums, earning you money.

Note: Proof delay doesn't work for photo albums. Once created, albums can't be edited and images can't be replaced. Color correction is also not applied.

Price them the way you'd price everything else on your site, with pricelists

Tell your clients to look under the Buy Button for the Albums option, and they can build their album just like we described above.

Important: Albums won't appear on Loxley-based pricelists, so be sure to set your gallery to Bay Photo or WHCC if you're outside the USA and want to sell photo albums.

Once their album is made, they can add it to their shopping cart right from the album builder:

Tip: Got watermarks? They'll show in your online previews, but your albums won't print with them, don't worry.

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