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We've got a great way for you to show off lots of your gorgeous photos with a simple click animation for your visitors: the Carousel! (Want to show off only one or two photos? Try our photo content blocks instead.)

It's possible to add a photo carousel to any page on your SmugMug site by dragging our Carousel content block onto that page.

Note: On Basic accounts, the carousel can only be added to the homepage.

Start out by going to the Site link in the navigation bar, view the page you want to add the Carousel to, and then dig in by selecting the "Customize Design" button from the section bar. 

Once in the customizer, select the Photos section in the Content tab, then drag and drop the carousel content block onto the page. In other words, right here:

Once you've placed the carousel content block onto the page, you'll need to select a source for the images that visitors can scroll through in the carousel. You'll have many other controls to work with so you can personalize that carousel to be just right for your audience.

Gotcha: Make sure the photos you upload and your maximum display size are large enough to fill the selections you set below. If they aren't, your images may vary in height within the Carousel display area.

Carousel settings.


  • Title allows you to name your carousel. You can choose to leave this empty.
  • Photo Source provides options to select a gallery, popular photos, recent photos, or photos you choose.
  • Gallery shows you the gallery picker so you can select the source gallery for images.
  • Height controls how much vertical screen space your carousel will take up on a page.
  • Content Aware Height forces the carousel to fit on a page, even if there is content above it. 


  • Navigation Arrows show or hide navigation arrows your visitors can click. Tip: If you have navigation arrows disabled, your viewers can still use their keyboard's right and left arrows to navigate through your carousel photos.
  • Navigation Snap Alignment allows you to choose how photos align inside the carousel frame (left, center, or right).
  • Auto Scroll Speed allows you to adjust the speed between slow, medium, and fast or turn off autoscrolling if you prefer your visitors to click to advance a photo.
  • Loop Images allows you to have your carousel loop back to the first image after a visitor reaches the last image.
  • Randomize Images let you choose to have your photos always appear in the same order or randomize whenever someone visits your page.

We won't show images in a carousel to logged-out viewers if they are in password-protected or private galleries (though they do show to logged-in owners).

If you select a specific photo from a password-protected gallery using the Photos I Choose option, the photo will display to visitors. Photos from private galleries will not display.

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