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Welcome campers!

We've set up your new SmugMug account with a default pricelist, default gallery setting preset and a design. In this article we'll walk you through the settings of those defaults and the design of your site.

Default pricelist settings.

Full details about pricelists, and changes you can make to best fit your camp are available in this article

  • Pricelist Name: UltraCamp Session Pricelist
    • US Camp
      • Professional Print Lab: Bay Photo
      • Color Correction: Yes
      • Currency: US Dollar
      • Rounding: .95
      • Greeting Cards: No
      • Albums: No
      • Profit and Prices: Custom for UltraCamp
    • Non US Camp
      • Professional Print Lab: Loxley Colour
      • Color Correction: Yes
      • Current: British Pound Sterling
      • Profit and Prices: Custom for UltraCamp

Default gallery preset settings.

Visit this article for in depth details about gallery presets.

  • Preset name: Session Daily Gallery
    • Security & Sharing
      • Visibility: Public
      • Access: Anyone
    • Photo Protection
      • Right-click Message: ON
        • Default message: These photos are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited.
      • Allow Downloads: ON
        • Download Size: LowRes 2Mpix (X3)
    • Social
      • Show Sharing Options: OFF
      • Allow Comments: OFF
    • Selling
      • Default: ON
      • Pricelist: UltraCamp Session Pricelist
    • Appearance
      • Sort Direction: Descending
        • Shows newest images first.
      • Show Camera Info: OFF
      • Show Filenames: ON
      • Enable Map Features: OFF

Default site design.

Your new Site has the Shadow design applied. Changing the design, or just the colors, to more closely align with your camp branding, is always an option for you.


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