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Welcome campers!

This guide will help you get started with photo delivery, ensuring you can easily manage and share photos with your camp community. Follow these steps to streamline your photo management and enhance the camp experience for everyone.

All about your organizer.

The Organizer is your command central, where you can upload, sort, arrange, delete and more! View your new Site, and at the top, click on Organize

Note: The Organizer is only available to the logged in account owner. Guests never see the Organizer.

In your UltraCamp account, when you add a session to your Photo Gallery integration, a new top-level folder named UltraCamp will be created on SmugMug. This folder contains subfolders organized by season, with additional subfolders for individual sessions, and galleries for each day of the session. You'll do all of your uploading within SmugMug.

More details about all aspects of uploading are found in this article.

Folder and gallery privacy.

Folder privacy is set up as part of your integration when you create a season and sessions in UltraCamp. Gallery privacy, where you store daily photos, is defined by the gallery preset on your new account. While you can change these settings, we recommend keeping them as is to manage parent access and camper privacy.

Privacy of each folder and gallery level within your integration:

  • Parent folder - UltraCamp (public with password)
    • Sub folder - year (public with password)
      • Sub folder - camp session (public with password)
        • Galleries - individual dates of the camp session (public with password)


Important: Passwords are set within the UltraCamp integration, and are not set within the folders and galleries on SmugMug. We recommend not changing the passwords in your UltraCamp folder as that can break access for your camper's parents. 

Further details about privacy and access settings can be found here.

Setting up photo pricing for sales.

This is an important step to monetize your photo content effectively and for sharing memorable moments while generating revenue for your camp. We start you out with a default pricelist, titled UltraCamp Session Pricelist, to get you started. This pricelist is setup with products and pricing optimized for UltraCamp, but it can be modified at anytime.

  1. Access Your Pricelists
    • Go to your Selling Tools and navigate to the Pricelist section.
  2. Customize Prices
    • Once in the Pricelist Manager, you can take steps to make changes, such as add different products, change prices and more. Looking for full details about how to customize the pricelist? Check out this general article here
  3. Selling Digital Downloads
    • Selling digital downloads allows your camp community to purchase and download high-quality photos directly from your galleries. If you want to sell digital downloads, you may want to consider turning off no cost downloads in the gallery settings. Navigate to Organizer > select Gallery > Settings > Photo Protection > turn OFF Allow Downloads
    • Specify whether the photos can be used for personal or commercial purposes to protect your content. Read about the license options in this article.
  4. Regularly Update Prices
    • Periodically review and update your pricing to reflect any changes in demand or costs or simply to change the revenue stream for your camp.


No cost downloads. 

This feature allows the option of free downloads if you've chosen not to charge for your photos at this time. Considering this option? We recommend considering selling instead; consider a new revenue stream for your camp to support future campers!

  1. Allow No Cost Downloads
    • Go to Organize > select a Gallery > Settings button > Photo Protection tab > Allow Downloads
    • When enabled, your guests will see options in the gallery to download the entire gallery, or individual photos.
  2. Controlling Resolution
    • The download size defaults (based on your gallery preset) to LowRes 2Mpix (size X3). Change this at anytime in the Gallery Settings > Photo Protection > Download Size
  3. Download Format
    • When downloading a gallery that contains more than three files, a zip file will be generated and delivered, making it easy for visitors to manage multiple photos at once.


Using gallery presets.

Gallery presets save time and maintain consistency across all your galleries by applying predefined settings. Good news! We've created one for you specifically for your camp sessions, named Session Daily Gallery, and it's applied as your default on your new SmugMug account.

If you need different settings for your default, create a new preset.

  • Navigate to Organize > select Gallery > Settings button
  • Adjust your gallery settings, such as privacy, layout, and download options, to suit your needs.
  • As you make the changes, you'll see a new option at the bottom of the gallery settings panel where you can name and save the new preset. Additionally you can choose to set it as default, or keep your current default.
  • When creating new galleries, simply select your saved preset, if you aren't using the default option, to ensure consistency and save time.


Additional details are available in this article at anytime.


By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to managing photo delivery efficiently at UltraCamp. This will enhance the experience for your camp community by making it easy to view, share, access and purchase photos. If you have any further questions or need additional support, our team is here to help!

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