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Add galleries to any page on your SmugMug site simply by dragging our Galleries content block onto your page of choice.

Note: A gallery content block is already on every gallery. This feature is for adding a galleries content block, which links to specific galleries, to any other particular page such as your homepage, a folder or custom page.

You'll find the Galleries content block by going to your Site in the navigation bar, then selecting "Customize Design" in the section bar. Then dig in to the Content tab and Galleries section.

In other words, right here:

Once you've dragged the Galleries content block onto a page, you'll need to select a source for the galleries that visitors can view on the page.

You'll have many other controls to work with so you can personalize your galleries to be just right for your audience.

Galleries content block settings.


  • Title: Give your gallery block a name that will show up in your breadcrumb for easier visitor navigation.
  • Title Size: Choose whether your title displays in small, medium, or large type.
  • Title Alignment: Select if the title appears left, center, or right at the top of the gallery.
  • Select From: Select which galleries you’d like to display in the block: current location, galleries you choose, recent galleries, top-level galleries, or all galleries.
    • If you select "Galleries I Choose," your galleries will be displayed in the order you choose/select them. If you select "Folder," all galleries within a folder will be displayed in the order you've arranged them within the Organizer.
  • Layout: Determine how you’d like your galleries to be laid out on the page: grid, vertical, collage landscape, or collage portrait format.
  • Photo Size: Choose the largest display size for your gallery thumbnail images: small, medium, large, X large, or X2 large.
  • Photo Aspect Ratio: Select the aspect ratio you’d like your gallery thumbnail images to have.

Tip: Want to have all your galleries show on the homepage? Drag the Galleries content block onto your homepage, then click the Select From option above and select "All Galleries" from the drop-down choices. Now every gallery you've created will be shown front and center!


  • Spacing Between Photos: Determine how much space you’d like between each gallery thumbnail cover.
  • Show Icon: Show or hide the gallery icon on the gallery’s information bar.
  • Info Style: Choose if and where to display gallery info on the cover thumbnails: off, under, bottom bar, or covering.
  • Info Hover: Determine how visitors’ mouse movements display or hide gallery info. Turn off any hover action, show info on mouse rollover, or hide info on mouse rollover.
  • Info Text Alignment: Choose whether the text in the info hover is aligned left, center, or right.
  • Pagination Style: Select how your visitors will navigate through multiple pages of of galleries: click or scroll.
  • Sort By: Choose from organizer position, date added, date modified or name.

Enjoy customizing how your galleries appear on your pages!

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