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Welcome campers!

Selling on SmugMug is a fantastic way to generate additional revenue for your camp. The best part is, we manage the entire process for you—from order placement to payment collection, printing, shipping, delivery, and paying out your profits!

Submitting orders.

Parents can view their camper's photos through their UltraCamp account. They'll only have access to photos you've authorized. While viewing the SmugMug gallery, they can purchase prints, digital downloads, or products based on your pricelist settings.

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Proof delay.

Enabling proof delay allows you to review orders before they go to print. It's optional but provides an extra chance to check orders.

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Order fulfillment.

We handle everything from order collection to delivery, including providing customer support for any order issues. If there’s a problem, we’re here to help! SmugMug will reprint or refund an order, depending on what’s needed. Just contact us within 30 days of receiving the order, and we’ll assist. We’ve got you covered!

We take care of the following for you:

  • Collecting order payments
  • Submitting orders to our lab
  • Shipping orders
  • Providing customer support to you and your camper's parents
  • Paying out your profits

Making a profit.

Every time you make a sale, we'll send you an email notification. Using our mobile app? We can send you notifications of sales on your iOS and Android devices, too!

Once the orders start rolling in, follow these steps to receive your profit payments:

  1. Complete the Tax and Payment form.
  2. Selling Tools > Manage Finances > Tax and Payment Info
  3. Set up your payment schedule under Profit Payment Schedule

Full details about profit payments are available in this article

Access sales information.

View your sales history by going to Selling Tools > Manage Sales History. On this page you'll be able to view all your order and profit details. CSV files are available, either in a detailed or summary view, to download at anytime.

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Celebrate any occasion by creating coupons to offer discounts on items in your pricelist.

On your SmugMug plan, you can create coupons from multiple options, to offer your parents a discount on any items in your pricelist.

Visit Selling Tools > Manage Coupons to set up all the details. 

With a variety of coupon types and options you can add restrictions such as dates, amount, usage, and even down to what product the discount can apply to. 

Important: Coupons will not apply to packages. We recommend using either coupons or packages, unless you are offering a coupon on non package items that are added to the cart.

Full details on coupons are here for you anytime in this article


A great way to offer your parents a group of products and even offer them a savings by purchasing over individual items. As noted above, we recommend using coupons or packages, but not both at the same time in a gallery.

Visit Selling Tools > Manage Packages and you'll see all the details available. Looking for more information? Always available in our full article here.

Important: Coupons will not apply to packages.

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