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If you have a Portfolio or Pro account, you'll want to make the most of SmugMug's selling tools. We've made it easy for you to find them all in one place.

To find everything available to make your photo business really shine, click Selling Tools in the navigation bar.

Note: Some selling tools are available only to our highest-level selling account. To check what features your account includes, visit our features page.

From this page you can view and manage your sales history, pricelists, coupons, packages, events, branding, and financial information.

Sales history.

Here you can access your detailed sales information and profit. Find out more in this help article.


Create pricelists for different galleries, photos, clients—even different print labs! Read all about it over here.


Create and manage coupons for loyal clients, friends, family, special occasions, and more. Learn how to set up your own coupons with this help article.


Take the tough decisions out of your clients' hands by creating custom packages of prints to suit their every need. Learn more here.


Set up special galleries and invitation links for your guests or clients before or after an event to give them a truly special experience that's uniquely theirs. Read more about events in this help article.


Give your visitors a branded experience that's completely yours from landing page to checkout. Explore watermarking, printmarks, order branding, backprinting, personal delivery, and boutique packaging options.


Set up your tax information, manage your billing info, and set your payment schedule here. Learn more about how to get paid your profits here.

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